Deeva Lesly Beauty

DeevaLeslyBeauty was founded by our CEO Lesly, who is a beautician; a self taught make up artist, trained hairstylist, public figure and a graduate in business from Seneca College in Toronto, Canada. DeevaLeslyBeauty provides you today with a very affordable eye lash set with 100% premium mink lashes handcrafted from the highest quality human hair, they are 100% cruelty free, light weight volume and are reusable for up to a month if well taken care of, the set also comes with a very high quality black liquid eye liner which will last you almost forever, and an applicator for your ease and convenience especially for beginners. Lashes come in 5 unique styles at an affordable price. You will find everything from simple to dramatic strip lashes for whenever you want to feel a little glam. For more exclusive pictures, please don’t forget to follow us on Instagram@deevaleslybeauty